X Werks

Envisioning the XWerks lifestyle, we undertook a year-long journey to reimagine their supplement line. Our designs transformed existing products, infusing them with a bold new look that mirrors the determination of elite athletes. Additionally, we championed the creation of packaging for three innovative product launches.
X Werks


Immersion in XWerks Lifestyle

  • Thoroughly understanding XWerks' identity, values, and target audience.
  • Envisioning the XWerks lifestyle to align with the supplement line reimagining.

Transformation of Existing Products

  • Designing bold and dynamic aesthetics that mirror elite athletes' determination.
  • Revitalizing existing products with new looks that resonate with the XWerks lifestyle.

Innovative Product Launches

  • Championing the creation of packaging for three innovative product launches.
  • Infusing each launch with design elements that communicate the brand's determination.

Resonating XWerks Essence

  • Resulting designs reflect the essence of elite athletes and determination.
  • Each design choice encapsulates the XWerks lifestyle, fostering a strong brand connection.
"Our journey immersed us in the XWerks lifestyle, culminating in designs that mirror elite athletes' determination. The reimagined supplement line and innovative product launches echo XWerks' essence."
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X Werks Supplement Line Transformation

A revolutionary transformation of X Werks' supplement line, infusing bold aesthetics mirroring elite athletes' determination. Innovative packaging for new products sets a new standard for visual impact.

  • Bold Aesthetic Overhaul: Existing products rejuvenated with a daring new look, resonating with the spirit of determined athletes.
  • Trailblazing Packaging: Creation of compelling packaging for three new product launches, leaving a lasting visual impression.
  • Elevated Visual Impact: The reimagined line and innovative packaging combine for heightened shelf presence and consumer appeal.
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